At Wright Landscaping, we’re proud to offer the very best in landscape design and maintenance services throughout Utah.
Summers are hot in Ogden, Utah — so hot that sometimes the only green grass you can find is at the Botanical Gardens. Don’t fret — we can transform your patchy brown lawn into the lush oasis you’ve been dreaming about. Wright Landscaping makes Ogden properties beautiful with our landscaping services and our paver and fencing installations.

Sprinkler System Installation

The secret to having green grass in Ogden is getting sprinkler system installation. The clouds here will never rain enough on their own to make your lawn green, and that sprinkler you got at Walmart for $15.99 won’t help much either.

The professional team at Wright Landscaping installs top-quality sprinklers and irrigation systems that keep your lawn healthy and green. You can program your sprinkler system to erupt at the most advantageous time of day (just before dawn), so you never have to worry about remembering to turn your sprinklers on or off.

Paver Installation for Stone Patios

When you’re ready to kick your property value up a notch, call Wright Landscaping to talk about paver stones for a patio or another structure. Our clients come to us for paver stones for driveways, walkways, pool decks, porch stairs, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and more. Anywhere you’d put cement or ordinary wood, you can put paver stones instead.

Paver stones come in a variety of colors as well — gray, white, red, etc., — and we can create different designs and patterns to make your structure unique.

Stone pavers are Ogden residents’ favorite outdoor building material.

Brick Pavers & Concrete Driveways

On a budget? Consider brick pavers or concrete. These materials are also known for their strength and durability. Brick pavers are adorable and charming, and remember — you don’t have to get them in brick red! You can get brick pavers in all shades of white, brown, gray and red, or even a mixture of colors.

Before you pass over the concrete driveway option, take a look at today’s stamped concrete! Whether it’s a patio, driveway or another structure, no one will ever know it isn’t stone pavers!

Residential and Commercial Fencing

Fencing is a great privacy tool that improves your property values and looks great all at the same time. Wright Landscaping builds fencing for clients out of wood, vinyl or aluminum.

Get a 4-foot-high fence to keep kids and small pets from wandering off, or to satisfy the pool fencing requirement. Get an 8-foot-high fence to contain big dogs or for sunbathing in seclusion.

Design-Build Landscapers in Ogden

When you have big ideas for improving your Ogden property, you want an experienced design-build firm. With our design-build software, we can show you just how your yard will look with the upgrades you have in mind, such as a new stone firepit, stamped concrete driveway, wooden fencing and more.

Wright Landscaping has been making yards beautiful for 40 years, and you can trust our expertise and experience. Contact us today for a free consultation.