At Wright Landscaping, we’re proud to offer the very best in landscape design and maintenance services throughout Utah.
The easiest, best (and least crowded!) place to do that is at your Riverdale home. Wright Landscaping can help you transform your so-so property into your own little oasis with the best landscaping services in Riverdale.

Irrigation System Installation

The drought in Utah is severe right now. The only way to keep your lawn and plants green and healthy is with regular watering. But standard sprinklers from Walmart are inefficient.

First, you must take the time to move your sprinkler around the yard at regular intervals, hoping you hit each spot. Second, when you use a sprinkler that shoots the water into the air, much of it evaporates in the hot Utah sun before it reaches your lawn.

With a sprinkler system installation, you have none of these issues. You can program your sprinkler so you don’t even have to remember to turn on the spigot. Our landscaping team knows the best placement for optimal care of your lawn, so there are no devices to move around. And the sprinkler heads are close to the ground — exactly where you want the water to be.

Paver Installation in Riverdale

When your landscaping looks great, but you feel like something is still missing at your home, consider adding a paver stone patio. Stone patios offer contrast to landscaping with their hard surfaces and sharp angles.

Paver stones are the Cadillac of patio building materials — they’re a favorite among Riverdale homeowners. You can choose among a variety of colors, styles and patterns to make your paver stone patio unique.

Brick & Concrete Driveway Pavers

When you’re paving a large area such as a driveway, paver stones may not be in your budget. That’s OK! Wright Landscaping can build you a beautiful brick driveway or concrete driveway.

Today’s concrete driveway options do not look like the sidewalks downtown. They’re supremely beautiful, durable and come in innumerable hues and patterns. And don’t think brick is just red — you can get brick pavers in brown, white and other shades as well.

Fencing Options

Whether you want a fence at your Riverton home for privacy or to keep kids and pets safe, Wright Landscaping can help. We build fences out of wood, vinyl and aluminum, depending on your preferences and budget. Each material brings with it a different look and style — and a different maintenance schedule.

If you love a natural look and you have the time to treat your fence annually to keep it in good shape, wood is an excellent choice. If your priority in a fence is that it be low maintenance, choose vinyl. All you need to do is hose it off. Aluminum is also low maintenance and offers more strength and durability than vinyl.

Design-Build Landscaping Services

When your property looks more like an empty square than a yard, talk to Wright Landscaping about design-build services. We can show you with our landscaping software what we envision for your yard.