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Do you want the most beautiful landscaping in Salt Lake City?
Do you want the most beautiful landscaping in Salt Lake City?

Sprinkler System Installation

Summers in Utah are so hot that it can be hard to keep your lawn green and healthy. You may use store-bought sprinklers, but these are no substitute for a professional sprinkler system installation in Salt Lake City.

A sprinkler system does a much more thorough job watering your lawn and plants. Plus, you don’t have to think about your sprinkler system and worry about when to turn it on and off or moving it around your property. You just have to program it to water your lawn whenever you want.

Your lawn will thank you!

Paver Stone Patios

Because it’s so much work to keep grass green in Salt Lake City, many yards here incorporate stone structures so less watering and care of plants is necessary. Paver stone patios are a top-of-the-line choice because they’re so durable and beautiful. Nothing looks quite like natural stone.

Plus, you can choose from many colors, styles, patterns and shapes. It’s not hard to make your paver stone patio in Salt Lake City unique.

We also build paver stone walkways, driveways and firepits.

Concrete Pavers and Brick Paver Patios

If you’re on a budget and you have a large area to cover — such as a driveway for a house set back from the road farther than usual, a pool deck or a big patio — you may want to consider concrete pavers or bricks. Each of these is a beautiful choice in its own right, but it saves you a little bit of money because these materials are manmade.

Remember that today’s finished concrete is not at all the gray slabs you see on downtown sidewalks. Concrete pavers are fun colors and shapes and make for a beautiful surface at your Salt Lake City home.

Design-Build Landscaping Services

Whether you want fencing to corral your kids and pets or you’re just looking for a little privacy, Wright Landscaping can help. We install wood, vinyl and aluminum fencing for our clients in and around the Salt Lake City area.

Vinyl is popular because it’s so inexpensive and needs no maintenance. Some homeowners prefer wood because of its natural beauty. Aluminum is strong — like a lightweight version of iron that won’t rust or corrode.

Good Fences in Salt Lake City

If you’re tired of your blah-looking Salt Lake City property, talk to Wright Landscaping about our design-build services. We will meet with you to learn your likes, dislikes and goals, then using our software, we will create a 3D model of how your yard will look with our suggested improvements. When you see the transformation in real life, you won’t believe it.

To get the most beautiful yard in Salt Lake City, talk to the top landscapers in the area: Wright Landscaping.


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