Landscaping Services in Farmington, Utah

If you're in Farmington or any nearby area of Utah and looking for the very best landscaping services around, our team at Wright Landscaping is here to help. With years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces, we are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch landscape design and maintenance services.

From small residential yards to large commercial properties, our team has the skills and expertise to transform any outdoor space into a stunning oasis. No matter the size or scope of your project, we have the knowledge and resources to make your landscaping dreams a reality. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with our team!


Landscape Maintenance

Whether you're looking for routine lawn care or seasonal clean-up, our landscape maintenance services have got you covered. Our team will work with you to create a customized maintenance plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

From mowing and edging to fertilizing and pruning, we'll ensure that your outdoor space stays healthy and beautiful all year round. We have extensive experience in maintaining all types of landscapes, from lush gardens to drought-resistant xeriscapes. Trust us to keep your outdoor space looking its best.

Landscape Design and Installation

If you're in search of a complete landscape overhaul or simply want to add some new features to your outdoor space, our design and installation services are here for you. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a customized plan that brings it to life.

With our expertise in plant selection, hardscape design, and irrigation systems, we can transform any outdoor area into a functional and visually stunning space. We use high-quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a professional and long-lasting result.

Paver and Concrete Services

We're also proud to offer paver and concrete services for those looking to enhance their outdoor space with a new patio, walkway, or driveway. Our team has the skills and experience to create beautiful and durable hardscape features that will elevate any landscape.

We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. Plus, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final result meets your expectations and fits within your budget.

Sprinkler Solutions

Another key aspect of landscape maintenance is proper irrigation. Our team at Wright Landscaping offers sprinkler solutions to ensure that your outdoor space receives the right amount of water for optimal growth and health.

We can design and install a customized sprinkler system for your property, as well as provide repairs and seasonal maintenance. Let us take care of your irrigation needs so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful landscape without worry.

At Wright Landscaping, we are committed to providing the best in landscaping services for our clients around Farmington and nearby areas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional haven.

It's important that, as a homeowner, you take into consideration what kind of yard/landscape you put into place when planning ahead for maintenance plans for the property. An extravagantly planted landscape with no weed barrier is great for growth, expansion and a natural looking landscape but can wreak havoc upon the overall look of your property unless it is properly taken care of - and often. In no time at all, a fertile, new landscape can have weeds shoot up throughout its plantings and can overrun the aesthetics of what was just put in.

Some type of natural, wild grasses that come in as weeds help in giving the landscape a 'natural', or 'organic' look that is widely sought after. On the other hand, a thick weed barrier laid down around the newly installed plantings aids in giving the landscape a modern, clean look.

Modern landscapes emphasize a lot of hard lines, with many different grasses and perennials installed by the masses in different designs. These give the flower beds characteristics that cannot be found (or maintained) without properly installed sprinkler systems and weed barrier. A perfect example of this modern landscape type are the new Daybreak communities in South Jordan, Utah.

A mixture of both the natural and modern landscape styles was created by Brent Wright in 2019. On a steep hillside, full of naturally occurring grasses, weeds and shrubs, his design featured a cut through the growth with stone slab steps down into a leveled out area where there was a dark chat gravel compacted beneath a modern raised garden bed with a sprinkler system installed.

Like one style more than the others? Or have a style all of your own? Wright Landscaping can take care of any specifics in our detailed, to-scale design programs and give you the exact feel and look you're after in creating your own custom landscape.

After being in business for so many years, we often hear our potential customers asking us if financing is available for their landscape project.  We answer them simply:  Yes, it absolutely is.

During our initial contact and home visit with our customers, we go over details of what they want done in their landscape.  We go over ideas they’ve thought about, pictures on Pinterest they’ve seen, what their timeline is and, of course, their budget.  When facing a potentially large landscaping bill, it’s important to know that you have more than one option when it comes to taking care of your project’s finances.

  • You can finance your landscape project in full, or finance a portion of it if you have cash for the rest.  We work with multiple lenders to give you a great rate on whatever amount of your project you want to finance.  It is not uncommon for these loans to be in 48 to 72 month increment agreements.
  • You can pay for your landscaping in phases.  When doing a large overhaul of your landscape, the project can often be done in phases, year to year.  For example, it is possible to get all of your concrete and hardscape work finished one year and have your landscaper return the following year to put in your fence, sprinklers and grass.  With projects that are on a larger scale the phasing can be more complicated, but nothing is impossible.

At Wright Landscaping we have years of experience in working with individuals and families that finance their projects.  These people get their funds during our “Preparation Phase” of their project (see our #3 Article on “How Long Will My Landscape Take to Be Put In?” to see when this phase is in the entire process and how it plays into the big picture) and make payments when certain milestones are hit throughout the project.  If you have plans in mind to get you and your family the landscape you deserve and funds aren’t at your disposal right now, give us a call and we will walk you through the process of knowing first how much your landscape will cost and second how to get financing secured.

As with many serious commitments, its inevitable to take into account the time commitment necessary - particularly for one that will be affecting the exterior of your home.

There have been horror stories of families that have had their entire backyard unusable for the entirety of a summer - others have stated that they’ve lost functionality of their yard for over a year. This can be a serious problem if expectations and milestones have not been set up with your landscape contractor beforehand.

As with all things in life, it’s important to start with the end in mind. Along with your project’s layout and professional design, major milestones should be passed off to you as well to give you an idea of how extensive the construction will be and how long it will stay that way for. Here are the milestones you will experience with us, at Wright Landscaping, when you sign up for a landscape installation to take place:

  1. Time to Start: This is the allotted time between the date the contract is signed to when our crews will arrive on site to begin working on your project. This allows for final prep, staking of the utilities on the property and HOA approval (if necessary) to take place so that there is as little downtime as possible while our men are on site servicing your property.
    2. Time to Completion: This portion of time is our best estimate, based off of years of experience and our best guess for weather in the near foreseeable future. During this time parts of your home will be in “construction mode”, meaning that it will more than likely be a mess and may even look worse than what it was like before we started. At times like these it is important to remember that we want to have your home be “unfinished” for as short of time as possible and we will be doing all we can to move it through towards completion.
    3. After the Project is Completed: Upon completion of your project, final payment will be collected, machinery and equipment will be moved and men will be moved offsite. This brings you into your 1 year warranty period wherein if there is any issue with the landscape we have just installed, we will come back out and ensure it is taken care of. We do this at no charge to you. Somewhere around this time you’ll also be asked to leave us a review on our Google or Facebook accounts to share your experience with Wright Landscaping. Reviews are just as important to our business as actual projects are, and we are happy to offer an incentive to our customers that review and refer other work to us.
    It’s important to remember that “where there is a lack of paperwork, there is a lack of professionalism”. Should you hire another landscape contractor besides Wright Landscaping, ensure they have your best interests in mind by providing you with all the information you need in regards to the timing of the project. This could save you a very long headache down the line!

Whether you’ve been in your home for only a few days or a few years, it’s about time you set out on getting your landscaping done. And not just something that you’ll simply put together - you want something to look nice (really nice) that every member of your family will enjoy. You know you want to get this done but don’t have any clue where to start. What do you do?

Give Countryside Landscaping a call. Their design team provides a free 3D design and rendering for every project with a signed contract (which is $1,000 value!) This route is especially handy for those folks that are not the best visualizers. It is absolutely key to have the end in mind and agreed upon when embarking out on what could be a large investment for your home.

Have no clue where to begin with your future landscape? Wright Landscaping has been installing custom landscapes since 1979 - giving them a seasoned view of what has performed well in the past and what has not. With the adoption of their 3D design program you’ll be able to see clearly, and to scale, what the landscape professionals at Wright Landscaping have in mind for your landscape to have it come out a roaring success.

Have some ideas what you’d like in your landscape but don’t know how everything will flow/fit together? Not to worry - Wright Landscaping will happily take your favorite parts and fit them together in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. Our designers and landscape professionals will ensure that everything you want will have its proper place in your future landscape.

Congratulations! You’ve made the great decision to seek out and hire a landscape contractor to install the landscape of your dreams. With all the excitement and anxiety of an upcoming project comes a problem few people take into account – and that is the problem of not just hiring a landscape contractor but hiring the right landscape contractor.

Hiring the right landscape contractor is so important because you need to take into account 3 very important things: 1, Qualifications/Experience of the landscape contractor in question; 2, Level of efficacy with which the landscape contractor communicates with you, and lastly finding the landscape contractor that will ensure the safety of you and your family members.

Let’s start off with the first of the three things every homeowner needs to take into account when hiring a landscape contractor: The Qualifications and Experience of said contractor.

With the State of Utah’s change to their Professional Licensing guidelines in early 2019, it has become increasingly easy for individuals to get licensed as a landscape contractor. These individuals are required to meet certain standards by which they can become contractors, but just because they hold a license as a contractor does not mean that a) they are well-seasoned in their craft or b) they have an established business wherewith they can support you long past when they come to your home to build your landscape. Wright Landscaping, Inc., has been in business since 1979 and is owned and operated by a licensed contractor. With many years of experience in facing different problems and finding solutions to them, Wright Landscaping knows they can handle whatever problems may come your way and will be ready and available long after they are gone to give you any support you may need on your landscape.

The second thing homeowners need to ask themselves when sifting through potential landscape contractors is “Do these contractors value my time and money and communicate with me quickly and efficiently? How many phone calls does it take to get them out to my home or come back to fix something that may have been overlooked? How long until I can get my questions answered?”

At Wright Landscaping we pride ourselves at being available to our customers whenever they need us. We are always attentive to detail and aim to please – meaning that we are standing by to answer your calls, texts and whatever questions you have for us. Not only are we readily available to hear your concerns and ensure you are taken care of, but we are at the ready to send crews to your home to get whatever needs to be looked at taken care of.

Lastly, homeowners need to take into account how them and their family’s safety will come into play with this landscape contractor. Will the contractor be sending dirty, unprofessional men out to your home to work there or will they be clean, polished professionals? Will the project foreman be available to take your questions or will you be unable to communicate to the crews onsite because of a language barrier?

All important questions, and all need to be answered correctly to ensure that your project turns out a thrilling success.

Above all else that is praised by Wright Landscaping, it is the men they have working on their projects day in and day out. Not only do they work incredibly hard to give your project the best quality in the quickest time possible, but they are warm and friendly individuals that you will grow to love and know almost as much as your finished product. Wright Landscaping is a great company because of all the incredible, smiling people that make it a success.

In this post we have covered three important factors that need to be stressed heavily by homeowners when considering hiring a landscape contractor – but surely there are far more factors to consider than the three highlighted above. Give us a call at (801) 913-7375 to talk more about what needs to happen to turn your landscape project into a glowing success now and long into the future.


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