How Much Maintenance Will My New Landscape Require?

It's important that, as a homeowner, you take into consideration what kind of yard/landscape you put into place when planning ahead for maintenance plans for the property. An extravagantly planted landscape with no weed barrier is great for growth, expansion and a natural looking landscape but can wreak havoc upon the overall look of your property unless it is properly taken care of - and often. In no time at all, a fertile, new landscape can have weeds shoot up throughout its plantings and can overrun the aesthetics of what was just put in.

Some type of natural, wild grasses that come in as weeds help in giving the landscape a 'natural', or 'organic' look that is widely sought after. On the other hand, a thick weed barrier laid down around the newly installed plantings aids in giving the landscape a modern, clean look.

Modern landscapes emphasize a lot of hard lines, with many different grasses and perennials installed by the masses in different designs. These give the flower beds characteristics that cannot be found (or maintained) without properly installed sprinkler systems and weed barrier. A perfect example of this modern landscape type are the new Daybreak communities in South Jordan, Utah.

A mixture of both the natural and modern landscape styles was created by Brent Wright in 2019. On a steep hillside, full of naturally occurring grasses, weeds and shrubs, his design featured a cut through the growth with stone slab steps down into a leveled out area where there was a dark chat gravel compacted beneath a modern raised garden bed with a sprinkler system installed.

Like one style more than the others? Or have a style all of your own? Wright Landscaping can take care of any specifics in our detailed, to-scale design programs and give you the exact feel and look you're after in creating your own custom landscape.


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