How to Hire the Wright Landscaping Contractor

Congratulations! You’ve made the great decision to seek out and hire a landscape contractor to install the landscape of your dreams. With all the excitement and anxiety of an upcoming project comes a problem few people take into account – and that is the problem of not just hiring a landscape contractor but hiring the right landscape contractor.

Hiring the right landscape contractor is so important because you need to take into account 3 very important things: 1, Qualifications/Experience of the landscape contractor in question; 2, Level of efficacy with which the landscape contractor communicates with you, and lastly finding the landscape contractor that will ensure the safety of you and your family members.

Let’s start off with the first of the three things every homeowner needs to take into account when hiring a landscape contractor: The Qualifications and Experience of said contractor.

With the State of Utah’s change to their Professional Licensing guidelines in early 2019, it has become increasingly easy for individuals to get licensed as a landscape contractor. These individuals are required to meet certain standards by which they can become contractors, but just because they hold a license as a contractor does not mean that a) they are well-seasoned in their craft or b) they have an established business wherewith they can support you long past when they come to your home to build your landscape. Wright Landscaping, Inc., has been in business since 1979 and is owned and operated by a licensed contractor. With many years of experience in facing different problems and finding solutions to them, Wright Landscaping knows they can handle whatever problems may come your way and will be ready and available long after they are gone to give you any support you may need on your landscape.

The second thing homeowners need to ask themselves when sifting through potential landscape contractors is “Do these contractors value my time and money and communicate with me quickly and efficiently? How many phone calls does it take to get them out to my home or come back to fix something that may have been overlooked? How long until I can get my questions answered?”

At Wright Landscaping we pride ourselves at being available to our customers whenever they need us. We are always attentive to detail and aim to please – meaning that we are standing by to answer your calls, texts and whatever questions you have for us. Not only are we readily available to hear your concerns and ensure you are taken care of, but we are at the ready to send crews to your home to get whatever needs to be looked at taken care of.

Lastly, homeowners need to take into account how them and their family’s safety will come into play with this landscape contractor. Will the contractor be sending dirty, unprofessional men out to your home to work there or will they be clean, polished professionals? Will the project foreman be available to take your questions or will you be unable to communicate to the crews onsite because of a language barrier?

All important questions, and all need to be answered correctly to ensure that your project turns out a thrilling success.

Above all else that is praised by Wright Landscaping, it is the men they have working on their projects day in and day out. Not only do they work incredibly hard to give your project the best quality in the quickest time possible, but they are warm and friendly individuals that you will grow to love and know almost as much as your finished product. Wright Landscaping is a great company because of all the incredible, smiling people that make it a success.

In this post we have covered three important factors that need to be stressed heavily by homeowners when considering hiring a landscape contractor – but surely there are far more factors to consider than the three highlighted above. Give us a call at (801) 913-7375 to talk more about what needs to happen to turn your landscape project into a glowing success now and long into the future.


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